Booklovers Rejoice in Bookish Podcasts

So you've got your nose in a book whenever you can, you listen to audio books when exercising or driving, and sneak in a few moments of reading while in the checkout line. For us reading fanatics, not enough, right? Maybe you've just finished that perfect story, and you just can't (don't really want to) rid yourself of that giddy/melancholy/contemplative feeling you got from that special read. Like a rocky breakup, how do you move on?

A great in between - podcasts about books and reading, of course.  I knew they were there, but haven't fully delved in yet. But here we have it neatly handed to us from MJ Franklin of online zine Mashable. Check out their list of ten bookish podcasts ranging from book reviews to story telling. And let us know what you think. We'd love to hear.  Enjoy.