Reading List

There are the books we’ve read and reviewed for Beyond The Cover since our inception March 2015. The list is alphabetized by the author’s last name, with a link to the review.

Last update - June 24, 2019


Arlidge, M.J.: Eeny Meany
Apekina, Katya: The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish
Arnold, David: Mosquitoland
Atwood, Margaret: The Blind Assassin


Backman, Fredrik: A Man Called Ove, Beartown
Barbash, Tom: The Dakota Winters
Barrett, Colin: Young Skins
Benioff, David: City of Thieves
Bhutto, Fatima: The Shadow of the Crescent Moon
Blume, Judy: In the Unlikely Event
Bracken, Alexandra: The Darkest Minds
Brookmyre, Christopher: The Last Hack
Buzo, Laura: Love and Other Perishable Items


Caletti, Deb: A Heart in the Body of the World
Carey, M. R.: The Girl With All the Gifts
Carreyrou, John: Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup
Cline, Emma: The Girls
Connors, Philip: All the Wrong Places: A Life Lost and Found
Constantine, Liv: The Last Mrs. Parrish
Cottman, Evans: Out-Island Doctor
Crosley, Sloane: Look Alive Out There


D'Agostino, Kris: The Antiques
Dawson, Kate Winkler: Death in the Air
Davis, Jack E.: The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea
DeFina, Terri-Lynne: The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers (And Their Muses)
Didion, Joan: The White Album
Dinerstein, Rebecca: The Sunlit Night
DiSclafani, Anton: The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls


Egan, Jennifer: Manhattan Beach
Eskens, Allen: The Guise of Another, The Heavens May Fall, The Deep Dark Descending


Faris, Anna: Unqualified
Ferencik, Erica: The River at Night
Finkel, Michael: True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa
Flournoy, Angela: The Turner House


Gabel, Aja: The Ensemble
Giffin, Emily: First Comes Love
Gilbert, Elizabeth: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
Greenberg, Mike: All You Could Ask For
Groberg, Florent and Sileo, Tom: 8 Seconds of Courage


Hamilton, Suzy Favor: Fast Girl
Hannah, Kristin: The Nightingale
Harris, Kate: The Land of Lost Borders-Journey on the Silk Road
Haruf, Kent: Our Souls at Night
Hawkins, Paula: The Girl on the Train
Hawley, Noah: Before the Fall
Hendricks, Greer: The Wife Between Us
Hemmings, Kaui Hart: The Possibilities
Hepola, Sarah: Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget
Hill, Christopher: Outpost: Life on the Frontlines of American Diplomacy
House, Silas: Southernmost
Honeyman, Gail: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FIne
Hurley, Andrew Michael: The Loney

Ignatius, David: The Director, The Quantum Spy


Jackson, Nate: Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile
Jewell, Lisa: I Found You
Johnston, Ann Dowsett: Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol
Johnston, Bret Anthony: Remember Me Like This
Junger, Sebastian: Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging


Kanon, Joseph: Leaving Berlin
Kennedy, Eliza: I Take You
Kershaw, Alex: Avenue of Spies
King, Lily: Euphoria
King, Stephen & Owen: Sleeping Beauties
King, Stephen: Finders Keepers
Kingsolver, Barbara: Unsheltered
Klebold, Sue: A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy
Koch, Herman: Summer House with Swimming Pool
Koryta, Michael: Last Words


Land, Ali: Good Me Bad Me
Larson, Erik: Lethal Passage: The Story of a Gun
Laurain, Antoine: The President's Hat
Lee, Harper: Go Set a Watchman
LeClair, Michelle: Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology and Fighting for the Woman I Love
Locke, Attica: Bluebird Bluebird
Lowe, Rob: Love Life


Macy, Beth: Dopesick
Mandel, Emily St. John: Station Eleven
Mandelkern, Holly: Beneath White Stars: Holocaust Profiles in Poetry
Manaster, Tracy: The Done Thing
Marnell, Cat: How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir
Marra, Anthony: A Constellation of Vital Phenomena
Martin, Charles: Long Way Gone
May, Peter: Entry Island
Maynard, Joyce: Under the Influence
McCann, Colum: Thirteen Ways of Looking
McBride, James: Five-Carat Soul
McNamara, Michelle: I'll Be Gone in the Dark
Miranda, Megan: All The Missing Girls
Miscavige Hill, Jenna: Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape
Moyes, Jojo: One Plus One, Me Before You
Mullen, Thomas: Darktown
Murano, Marisol: Valentina Goldman Ships Out


Nesbo, Jo: Blood on Snow
Nguyen, Viet Thanh - The Sympathizer
Nichols, Peter: The Rocks
Noah, Trevor: Born a Crime


Ondaatje, Michael: Warlight
Overton, Hollie: The Walls


Packer, Ann: The Children's Crusade
Palacio: Derek: The Mortifications
Parkhurst, Carolyn: Harmony
Paris, B.A.: Behind Closed Doors
Patchett, Ann: Commonwealth
Patton, Lisa: Rush
Payne, David: Barefoot to Avalon: A Brother's Story
Pearl, Nancy: George and Lizzie
Picoult, Jodi: Great Small Things
Pryor, Mark: Hollow Man



Rash, Ron: Something Rich and Strange
Remini, Leah: Troublemaker
Rey, Rainer: The Find
Roberts, Terry: That Bright Land
Rufus, Rob: Die Young With Me
Russo, Richard: Everybody's Fool


Safran, John: God'll Cut You Down
Sileo, Tom and Groberg, Florent: 8 Seconds of Courage
Silvis, Randall: Two Days Gone
Sloan, Robin: Sourdough
Smathers, James Foley: Transformations
Smith, Alexis M.: Glaciers
Smith, Dodie: I Capture the Castle
Stiffleman, Susan: Parenting Without Power Struggles
Straub, Emma: The Vacationers


Toews, Miriam: All My Puny Sorrows
Towles, Amor: A Gentleman in Moscow
Tremayne, S.K.: The Ice Twins


Unger, Lisa: Crazy Love You


Vance, J.D.: Hillbilly Elegy 
Vargas, Elizabeth: Between Breaths


Ward, Jesmyn: Sing, Unburied, Sing
Ware, Ruth: In a Dark, Dark Wood, The Woman in Cabin 10
Wariner, Ruth: The Sound of Gravel
Weir, Andy: The Martian
Westover, Tara: Educated
Whitaker, Kayla Rae: The Animators
Whitehouse, Lucie: Before We Met
Wong, David: Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits
Woodward, Bob & Bernstein, Carl: All the President's Men



Yapa, Sunil: Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist


Zanes, Warren: Petty
Zevin, Gabrielle: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry