Introducing your Beyond The Cover co-hosts

Sara - Word Nerd

I’m an education professional working in technology and as a teacher. My earliest memories are of a wonderful teacher at Apple Valley that let me read in class.  I’m an open minded reader that loves multiple genres, but have a passion for children’s and young adult writing.  For me the written word can provide incredible emotion, similar to a beautiful piece of music or work of art.

Vickie - Book Geek

I’m a business professional with a passion for reading - novels, non-fiction, or magazines. Growing up in a house full of books, I was immersed in words and became a bit of a grammarian.  My love for a great line or plot fuels my addiction to books and reading. Multiple genres live on my bookshelves - biographies of Agassi and Churchill, fiction of Alcott, Marra, and Rushdie.  I savor a well-written sentence and take pride in the growing number of books lining my shelves.

Elizabeth - Library Prowler

I’m a lawyer turned college instructor and have been an avid reader since I can remember. I usually read two or three books at a time and trips to the library are as sacred to me as church. I read across genres but favor fiction where I can immerse myself in the plot and consider the characters my friends or foes. Thomas Jefferson said it best, “I cannot live without books.”

Our Rating Guidelines

To keep things simple, we rate each selection with a five star system.  Our very subjective criteria is based upon:

  • Writing style and quality
  • Character development
  • Concept and Plot - innovative, compelling, suspension of disbelief
  • Emotional resonance and connection
  • Overall enjoyment

Beyond the Cover accepts submissions for review from authors, agents and publishers. We cannot guarantee we will read and review every book submitted, but we probably will. We will be completely honest in our reviews.


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