An Orcas Island Thriller in “The Find”, by Rainer Rey - Book Review

The outer edge of the Pacific Northwest is as slow paced and calm as you can get, but author Rainer Rey adds a whole lot of excitement to its peaceful existence. He successfully combines government covert operations, an Indian shaman, psychic powers, terrorism and adventure into his novel, The Find. Frankly, in reading the book description, I had my doubts. But Rey came through with each page.

The Find
By Rainer Rey

There are several converging stories, of which the most significant are high-powered business woman Lorna Novack and ex-FBI agent Kellen Rand. Lorna is fed up with the pressure of her work, but dives into it head first to prove herself in a  man’s world. She gets a call regarding her long lost step-sister who has been seriously injured and whose daughter has gone missing. Lorna travels to Orcas Island from Chicago to be by her side and find out what has happened to her niece. Kellen is through with big cities and after an ugly dismissal from the FBI, has started a new life and launched a salmon hatchery. One evening, he and his friend Paddy venture via boat to witness a shaman connect with nature; or rather, seemingly control nature. It’s an undeniable spectacle, that is described in enough detail, we can quite clearly imagine the scene.

Both the shaman and Lorna’s niece, Shelby have psychic powers a secret anti-terrorism unit of NATO is after, and they will stop at nothing to have access to these super human abilities. Through the protection of the young shaman, named January, and the search for Shelby,  the lives of Kellen and Lorna converge in purpose. There are additional sub-plots that at first seem unrelated, but again, are brought together relatively seamlessly in The Find.

Sounds a bit convoluted, but somehow it works. Rey’s character development is effective, even if a bit overstated; and while a bit contrived in a few scenes, the very capable dialogue moves the story forward. The Find is a solid summer read. I wanted a change in genre and Rey’s work did the trick with this exciting thriller.

Published: 2015
Publisher: Turner Publishing

Vickie’s rating: 3.5 stars